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Welcome to Stockholm: Team Muirhead

Eve Muirhead

Eve Muirhead

We are very pleased to announce the participation of Scottish Olympic bronze medalists Team Muirhead in this year’s Stockholm Ladies Curling Cup. With this, we have an incredible line-up of eight of the ten best ranked teams in the world. A turnout that we could only dream of when we first sat down and sketched out how we wanted to have SLCC develop.

Eve Muirhead comes to Stockholm with a partially new team since Claire Hamilton decided to focus on other things than curling in the future. New to the lead position is Sarah Reid, who has a World Championship silver medal from 2010 and a European Championship silver medal from 2012 as an alternate on Team Muirhead.

Remaining in the team of world champions from 2013 in Riga and Olympic Games in Sochi are still Anna Sloan and Vicki Adams and it’s great fun to see these ladies come to Danderyd Curling Arena and play against the best.

Welcome to Stockholm girls!

Well You’re Home In Stockholm: Team Hasselborg

It’s been two years since the last appearance by Anna Hasselborg in Stockholm Ladies Curling Cup, but no Swedish elite team spends more time in Danderyd Curling Arena than they do as all four girls live in and around Stockholm.

Zandra Flyg, Anna Hasselborg, Agnes Knochenhauer, Karin Rudström

Zandra Flyg, Anna Hasselborg, Agnes Knochenhauer, Karin Rudström

This year is a bit special for the team as they were picked by Peja Lindholm, Swedish National Coach, to represent Sweden in the European Curling Championships in Champery. ECC is held in November, so SLCC will be a very good test to see the result of the preseason training.

The team’s history in SLCC is a long row of runner up positions (2007, 2011, 2012) and even if another 2nd place would be a very good effort in this year’s competition the aim set for the girls is to claim the win, of course. The 100,000 SEK first prize would be a very nice bonus for  the team in their work to become no 1 in Sweden too.

Actually, one of the team members, Karin Rudström, knows how it feels to win SLCC. In 2009 she skipped her team to victory, defeating Anna Sidorova of Russia in the final.

Welcome “home” to Danderyd Anna Hasselborg, Karin Rudström, Agnes Knochenhauer and Zandra Flyg, we are very happy to have you in our tournament again. Best of luck in SLCC and ECC!

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We Still Accept Applications

Regardless of the epic strength of field already presented here we still accept applications. If you and your team wants to be part of this fall’s early highlight of curling be sure to use the form no later than July 20th.

Teams are ranked using World Curling Tour order of merit, and with great help from Mr Guerts when it comes to new additions and alterations on teams. It’s also a possibility to receive one of three Wild Cards, regardless of rank.

So: pay Stockholm a visit in September, play some classy curling and have fun with us!

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