In a very well played game swedish Team Ahlmarks outscored fellow swedes Team Hasselborg who pushed the final to extra end. Anna Hasselborg with teammates Agnes Knochenhauer, Zandra Flyg and Karin Rudström never gives up a game and it was not their first extra end in SLCC. They now have three consecutive runner-up spots, four in total.

Third place went to Team AllTele after defeating Team Albatross of Russia 6:5 and that leaves us with swedish teams on all positions on the podium. Margaretha Sigfridsson, Maria Prytz, Maria Wennerström and Christina Bertrup made a very solid impression all through the tournament.

In the last four games of the tournament Anette Norberg handed over skipping duty to Cissi Östlund, and we could read on Anette’s status update in the evening about sore muscles! On the team, used to sweep, are also Sara Carlsson and Sabina Kraupp and we wish to congratulate all girls on the win!

We, on the organizing committee, would like to thank all players for coming to Danderyd and playing such good curling! It’s been a treat to have you here, without you we wouldn’t have a competition! We also wish to say thank you to our sponsors and partners making it all possible. Thanks goes to Swedish Curling Association for backing us up and being a great support in the planning of SLCC. And last but not least a very big thanks to the volunteers helping out with everything from ice to driving and cleaning bathrooms!!

We wish all teams good luck in the future.